Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Shape of a Cowgirl

There are songs that are written about angels on earth,
And a magical thing called a cowgirl.
But those stories and songs are just stringing along
Those that don't know the shape of a Cowgirl.

For there's something that happens between heaven and earth
When a Cowgirl loses a pony.
I wouldn't deny, there's tears to be cried,
Though the songs say she's tougher than nails.
But what happens next, some may not expect, but those know the shape of a Cowgirl.

A smile on her lips shows up through her woe,
As though there's a secret that only she knows.
The reason is that- that good pony left
A space in her heart and her soul.
And since that pony has gone, her heart stretches on, beyond horizons and hills.

To reach for her friend whose wings take him on takes a big stretch of her stride.
And arms reach out longer, past fences and borders,
And her feet take on something like flying.

So there's the shape of a Cowgirl if didn't you know:
A Cowgirl's heart and a Cowgirl's soul expand to wherever her partner goes.
For the piece of her soul that her pony owns,
That is the reason the Cowgirl roams.
And the depths of her heart that her pony has filled- the size of the space that he's left- how high and how long that love is,

Well that is the shape of a Cowgirl.